Middlezoy Rovers F.C

3rd Team Match reports

Taunton and District Saturday League
3rd Division

Athletic finished the home season with an expected and mostly convincing win over a spirited Hamilton Foxes team! Had it not been for a mixture of poor finishing and a few excellent saves, Athletic could easily have reached double figures! Pep decided on an old fashioned 442 with Callum in goal and a back four of Ryan, Bob, Reubs and Drayer. After a strong showing in the warm-up, "Big time" Chadli started DCM with Lionel in an advanced role in front! Wingers were Connor on the right and "last season's most improved player" Matt on the left!
The team was topped off with a potent looking strike partnership of Joe and Ben! Game started poorly for the Athletic and we fell behind after Foxes played a clever through ball to some kid up top who finished smartly enough for a surprise lead! Had it not been for some very dubious offside calls from the Linesman, who must of offered the oppurtunity for an Athletic player to take over Linesman duties on several occasions, only to be politely and respectfully declined on each occurrence, score could have been level before they did finally make the break through!
Another decent through ball down the left hand side put Connor through, who cut inside and whipped in a fine cross! With the duel attacking threat of Crouch and Carroll bearing down the Foxes defence decided to do the sensible thing and head into their own net! What followed was a scintillating 15 minute period of attacking football where Matt scored through Lennon, Caddick and Taylor to go 4-1 up and looking good! What followed in the next 20 couldn't be described as both Lennon and Caddick took pity on a defence struggling to contain the menacing arcing runs and missed at least 3 or 4 1 on 1s each! Misses aside it was a very good first half performance with the back 5 smoking cigars after the first 5 mins! Connor and Matt were both excellent down their respective wings and Matt gave poor old Salah a torrid time!
Chad realised sky sports hadn't shown up and produced a very composed and simple performance! Half time and Pep decided to flex his tactical brain with a change to 352. Tyler replaced Cal in goal, back 3 of Ryan, Reubs and Drayer. Dan Yeoman had finished plucking his brows so came on for Connor! Big Dan slotted in alongside Lionel in midfield with Matt on the left. Chad supporting the rapid and dangerous front two in an advanced role! The 2nd half was a rather sloppy and disjointed affair with too many long balls played through! The 45 degree heat had taken it's toll on the front boys, who were looking for the ball into feet rather than over the top!

Chad had noticed the Choppers overhead and deciding by sports had finally turned up reverted back to Hollywood Chad with a few too many flicks and long ball tried! Zoy were finally awoken from their malaise when Tyler misjudged a long ball over the top which the "human salmon" Reubs was about to head back to the young shot stopper and wiped him out big style leaving a simple tap in for foxes! The three goal lead was soon restored when Ryan pinged a 35 yard ball (Not quite huddlestone-esque, decent though!) through to baby ballack who with 40 yards of free pitch to run down looked for support and help! With the urging of the coach who was running down the sideline with his young lad, baby b ran through and slotted into the bottom corner to pop his middlezoy cherry!
Pep had to take 5 mins to compose himself after being overcome with pride! Reubs having witnessed another chance go begging decided to summon the spirit of beckenbour and strolled through the centre of the pitch with ease! The keeper won the duel but lost the war when his save rebounded back to the zoy skipper who flicked the ball up and with crowd shouting RONALDO launched into an overhead kick! The crowd gasped but unfortunately with the sun in his eyes the ball sliced about 45 yards wide.

With the game about up, it was Lennon who finished things off when the ball was squared, he danced around the defender and smashed one home! Final score 6-2. Overall an excellent performance which should of been more like a cricket score!

Callum - 7 - not much to do for the talented young keeper but did what was required with a touch of class. Destined for bigger things.

Ryan - 7 - another talented young lad who will go onto a higher level. Set up baby ballack and produced another good strong showing.

Reubs - 8 - One mix up aside another good captains performance! Good on the ball and strong in defence! A proper leader.

Bob - 7 - unflappable! His house could be in the middle of a sharknado attack and he'd still be smoking a cigar.

Dray - 7 - a throw almost as long as his piece. Another all action up and down performance! One of the most reliable and solid members of the team.

Chad - 7 - has all the attributes to play at a higher level and dominate games, just needs to do the simple things more! Good game today though and should of had a few goals.

Lionel - 7 - not his most influential game but has undoubted class and can see he has played a higher standard! Excellent role model at the club.

Connor - 8 - very good first half performance made endless good runs through!

Matt - 8 - last season's most improved player! Good performance and a deserved goal. Great energy and wins ball after ball from opposition players

Joe - 10 - two goals, two assists! What a performance! Had everything required from a front man! If I'm being critical prob could have scored another 3 or 4 but that's nit picking

Ben - 9 - misses aside a very good performance from this very skilful and talented player! Another with a bright future at the club and potential 1st teamer!

Tyler - 7 - good shot stopper whose willing to learn and improve. Needs to have a bit more confidence in himself and teammates

Baby ballack - 7 - finally popped his cherry which will hopefully spur him on for the future! Another who should have more confidence in his own ability as he has plenty of ability and potential.

Dan - 7 - number 2. Plays it simple and keeps the ball moving. Great guy to have involved

Manager - 9 - master stroke in playing Lennon up top. Great guy who is fully committed to his young charges! Very knowledgeable. Team can go far if they stick by and listen to the gaffer!