Middlezoy Rovers F.C

Middlezoy Rovers Legends

Somerset FA Legends League: South Division

Millfield Legends 2-2 Middlezoy Legends.

The legends were keen arriving in plenty of time at the Millfield Arena, you would think get change and a good warm up - no - relive the past 20 years of playing and decide we are all still good to play if we so wished !!
Starting XI
Kevin Hurd (loan deal)
Matt Francis
Paul Andrews
Chris Reed
Lee Horsey (loan deal available 😂)
Craig Robinson
John Doyle
Bob Kippin
Jason Yeoman
Paul Hamblin
Dan Spencer
The Romford Pele
Paul Atts
Craig Berry
Martin Renton - did not change through fear on injury in the process.

Prior to the game there was with a very respectful minutes silence by all in attendance.
As per past games it started at a pace for about 5 mins and then everyone was trying to get a 2nd breath.
With Kev Hurd dictating the pace of the game with his estuate distribution the Zoy started to play and keep the ball.
Lee Horsey and Matt Francis were threats from
Both full back positions as they overlapped Jason Yeoman and Bob Kippen to supply service to Big H and Dan.
The breakthrough came after 25 mins and the combination play from Archie / Robbo and John Doyle resulted in the latter scoring with a smart finish against the ‘youthful‘ Millfield keeper. 1-0.
Archie Andrews was offered excellent cover as the half wore on cleaning up the majority of threat Millfield were offering.
Half Time 1-0 (John Doyle).

The 2nd half saw the introduction of the Romford Pele on the right wing / Paul Atts up front and Craig Berry centre mid.
Millfield were now playing on the front foot and pushing for an equaliser - it came via a free kick from 20 yards that went in off the post as Kev Hurd had limited visibility with the glare of the sun direct in his face.
Jason Yeoman then had a glorious chance to make it 2-1 and the ball was worked to him 8 yards out with the whole goal to aim at he managed to hit a tractor 2 fields over 😫.
The Millfield keeper was now playing as a sweeper bring the ball out and starting the play which caused Middkezoy problems as they created 2 v 1’s in wide areas.
Then after some good passing through the thirds Dan Spencer found a space to shoot ...
G O A L ... 2-1 to the Zoy !!! (70mins).
It was then about game management as Millfield pushed and probed for an equaliser. Middlezoy were in control passing and moving frustrating the opposition, but a quick turn over in possession in the last minute and Millfield equalised after a goal mouth scramble.

Result : 2-2

A good competitive game.